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*REAL Angels Singing!

Started by Chemtrails Minnesota Nov 5, 2017.

Our Environment and World of Lights!

Started by GlobalBuzz Dec 3, 2008.

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NASA Challenger Crew is STILL ALIVE! Finally Hard Proof of NASA ongoing Hoaxes

NASA Challenger Crew is STILL ALIVE! Finally Hard Proof of NASA ongoing Hoaxes. Moon Hoax Mars Hoax Challenger Hoax NASA Hoax Proof at Last of the Apollo Hoax.  #MoonHoax #ApolloHoax #ChallengerHoax

Posted by Chemtrails Minnesota on May 18, 2019 at 9:13pm

*REAL Angels Singing! Caught On Tape HD HQ Improved Quality!

*REAL Angels Singing!  Caught On Tape HD HQ Improved Quality! Click on the cog wheel and change to maximum 1080p quality for best sound!*

Posted by Chemtrails Minnesota on November 5, 2017 at 1:27pm

3 Quick Weight Loss Tips - Information For Effective Fat Loss

I'm perhaps he best and best person to do an evaluation with the product that claims to be a carb buster. I only say this not because I'm an experienced at health foods and supplements, but because of this diet I take each single day. I'm a kind of individual who just likes to indulge into fatty and starchy food, summing up my diet consists of a giant…


Posted by Jheanne Pearson on August 4, 2017 at 2:48am





The secret government or Deep State has been spraying the skies…


Posted by Chemtrails Minnesota on July 3, 2017 at 9:40am

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By Charles Justus Garard
I bought this disk with four alien movies because I love this genre (sci-fi). The film ALIEN HUNTER is by far the best film of the lot and it starts off a little like STAR GATE with James Spader giving a lecture. This time he is not lecturing to colleagues but to Berkeley students; in fact, he has quite a reputation with female students. As it turns out, one of his former conquests in working at the Antarctica outpost that Spader requests to visit in order to examine a UFO.

The setting of the film remains at this ice-bound location, and here the film resembles Howard Hawkes' THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (not the two THING remakes) with Kenneth Tobey and James Arness as the alien creature. At the end, we see a resemblance to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. Both of these similarities are handled in a positive manner (i.e., they give cool points to the film). Even though I predicted the end of the film as the only way the remaining humans could survive, I was pleased that this if what came about. If you have seen this film, you will know what I mean.

The second best film of this collection is THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED, not a remake of a 1950s film of the same title but an homage of sorts -- complete with scenes from the original film shown prominently on a TV screen. The world is not ending, but a small town does have a nasty secret, and is cautious and suspicious of any outsiders. Natassia Kinski is an outsider who is treated roughly from her first entry into the town. Her only friend is a small boy who seems to have powers beyond other youths. This, as you can guess, is because he is the offspring of an alien and a local townswoman. What happens to her is the cause of the secret and unfriendly attitude, and what happens to them at the hands of the returning alien is payback for what they did to her.

The remaining and weaker films in the bunch are NIGHT SKIES and GHOSTS ON MARS. The first is a running-from-the-aliens film which takes place after the famous Phoenix Lights event, but those trying to escape in a large RV are pretty much unlikable young people. They turn on each other, shout a lot, and become hysterical when aliens start peeking through windows. Sean Connery's son (Jason) tries to help them and give them advice, but is pretty useless against the superior aliens who want to experiment on them -- as in so many other alien contact films (THE INTRUDERS, FIRE IN THE SKY, etc). Only one of them survives. Bet you can guess who.

GHOSTS ON MARS is not a sci-fi film, even though it takes place on Mars in the future, but a John Carpenter gore-fest extravaganza. The spirits of the planet decide to get rid of the humans who have been occupying their world by possessing human bodies and turning them into Mad Max rejects. They do so through decapitation and dismemberment. They are quite formidable and the humans have little or no chance of surviving. Ice Cube is the male lead who decides to stop being a criminal and help the female lead -- who herself might be called Ms. Ice Cube because she shows little interest in male or female sexual advances. She does give some attention to Jason Statum, who seems out of place here as a maintenance man without Jason's usual martial-arts skills. In acting skills, Ice Cube might be compared to The Rock (Dwayne Johnson, not Chris Rock). The only good part of this film is the opening when a commuter train comes barreling toward the camera with a Carpenter pounding beat on the soundtrack. After that, the film becomes derailed.

Anyway, I recommend this series of alien films and hope that you find at least one or two that you like. You know my favorite.

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FISHING THE WILD (Northern Territory Ep3) - BROMBY TROUT

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The New Swiss Family Robinson~Full Movie

The New Swiss Family Robinson starring Jane Seymour, James Keach and David Carradine. I do NOT own anything!!! This is for fan purposes ONLY!!!
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How To Achieve Success - Robert Kiyosaki [Full Radio Show]

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